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The Problem Solvers

Here at Willow Mini Storage we are problem solvers. We’re really good at finding creative solutions to your storage problems and our storage staff are always eager to help. At Willow, we don’t say things like ‘storage problems,’ but rather as ‘storage challenges.’ And you might be surprised at the questions we sometimes get, (we never are.) We’ve fielded all sorts of really unusual requests in the past from “Will my stuffed bird collection be damaged?” to “Will my life-sized Gretzky cutout fit?”. Please don’t hesitate to ask us for advice; even if we can’t accommodate your request we very often know who can and we’re here to help. This is one of the things that makes us unique. Give us a call today and ask your question!

We Have An Array of Solutions

We offer many storage solutions for even the most discerning customer. We have assisted everyone from small businesses manage their inventory, to helping businesses archive their documents to fulfill their legal obligations. People store everything from fine art to the first printing of their book and sometimes we’re kind of like marriage counselors saving people’s marriages by offering a low cost storage solutions for things treasured by one and not really appreciated by the other. We have saved people from damage to their furniture during their home renovations and we’ve have helped accelerate small businesses that need extra space as their business grows. We have helped college students and world travelers keep their treasured belongings safe while away with a very cost effective unit we call personal mini storage.

All of these things make us happy when we can assist. We’re here to serve and we find great satisfaction knowing that our storage solutions help your life run a little more easily.

Come store with us; were here to work with you. 1840 Willow Street, Campbell River, BC

Storage Solutions
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